The company started its textiles and garments to import & export business..we are running in the business since 2014. It has now 2 subsidiaries, 1 large-sized warehouses, with total annual turnover reachi

ng 1 million dollars, of which export volume is over 1.5 million dollars. Majoring in import and export of textiles and garments, the company is engaged in all kinds of fabrics, garments and home textiles products.

Our office is strategically located in National Capital Region of Tamilnadu, benefiting our buyers by utilizing the state of the art textiles facility, availability of low cost artisans, skilled manpower, a

nd an abundance of raw materials.Today, we are India’s leading clothing importer and exporter of all kinds of ready-to-wear garments for men, women and kids.Cubes with contact symbols – envelope, at sign and telephone being placed on a rustic table by a businessman conceptual of communication and customer support.