People reminisce about great memories and we at ShirtsMyWay reminisce and get nostalgic about our favorite topic: men’s fashion and especially custom shirts. Although men’s fashion moves rather slowly it’s never a bad time to look at changes in the way men dress over the past decade.

Formal is the New Casual: Okay, so suits and dress shirts have always been cornerstones of the white collar working man’s wardrobe, but for most guys prior to the mid-00’s, they were worn either out of necessity to conform with business dress standards, or with a sense of Patrick Bateman-esque glee. Round about 2005-06 though, in the early days of what has become known as the “Menaissance”, the suit made a huge comeback as a fashion item, with men suddenly wearing these once formal staples the same way they once wore more casual items. The same thing is true of the dress shirt, which suddenly replaced the polo and the standard casual t-shirt for men who wanted to look smart even after they had punched out of work for the day.

The Fit is the Thing: As much as we might disrespect the Metrosexual movement that peaked and vanished during the early days of the 21st century, one of the few vestiges of Metro wisdom that still survives to inform men’s fashion as we approach a new decade is a preoccupation with fit.

Slim fit dress shirts and cuts are still hugely popular among men, and it appears that the form-fitting aesthetic will continue at least for the foreseeable future. Of course, one could argue that hiding one’s self in large, baggy shirts and pants was never fashionable, it has certainly become less acceptable as more and more men are realizing that no matter what your weight, shape or size, getting clothing that suits your body is always a good idea.

Fashion Becomes Ironic: People have always used their clothing to make a statement about themselves – their socio-economic status, their tastes, their lifestyle, their favorite band, etc. But over the past few years though, it has become increasingly common place to see men wearing clothing that, at first glance, seems out of place.

Perhaps in some ways related to the first two trends outlined above, it has become, for example, more acceptable for young men to wear sports jackets, button down dress shirts, khakis, loafers and bold accents (even bow ties) in the spirit of 1980’s-preppy fashion. Or, as is the case with vintage items, it has become popular to mix and match clothing that looks like it came from the 1950’s or 60’s with items that have a more modern flair. Or, to give yet another example, it wasn’t uncommon last fall to see grown men in their 30’s looking like they were on their way to the campus library for a study season. Such “micro-trends”, which are fashionable in large part because they are so unexpected, have become more common and more tolerated as men’s clothing in general has become more democratic and lenient in terms of what is considered acceptable. Perhaps the creation of a more open space to be creative with one’s clothing is the biggest development of all when it comes to the development of men’s style over the past decade.